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Marion Boyd, MBA, CPLC


 My Mission



Is to teach clients healthy ways to healing and grieving after a traumatic experience.  My clients will learn how to transform their pain into purpose resulting in being emotionally free, mentally healthy, and strong enough to share their story. 

My Vision



Is for my clients to rediscover themselves after a traumatic experience so that they can live again and thrive in their purpose.

Coach Marion is the founder and CEO of Marion Elle Coaching Services.  Coach Marion enjoys engaging in adventurous activities, hanging with her family and friends, and pursuing her passions. Coach Marion attended Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University (FAMU) where she earned a bachelors degree in accounting, and a masters degree in business administration. While at FAMU, she was actively involved both on campus and in the community including becoming a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

When God revealed to Coach Marion, her passion, she decided to seek after it. In May 2015, Coach Marion became a Certified Life Coach.  Coach Marion understands the importance of conquering the elements of our past in order to see the future that God has planned. She understands development of ones self is important to transform into someone you can be proud of each and every day. Coach Marion's prayer is that as she genuinely connects with her clients, that they don't just view her as a coach but also a friend and supporter.


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