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A "No" is a "Not Yet" to God

Whew! When one door closes another door opens at the right time. Have you ever been in situations where you were given a "no" and felt defeated? Felt hopeless? Especially when you really wanted something or someone so bad... I've definitely learned that a "no" just means a "Not Yet" from God. There were times I was given a "No" and God said "hold on baby girl, I got something better."

God's like "you don't even know the blessing I'm about to throw in your lap." Y'all, I've been so blown away by God's grace, mercy, and perfect timing that a "No" doesn't phase me anymore.

I wasn't always like this though. Whenever I was turned down for a job, an opportunity, competition, relationship went sour, or whatever, I was always either blessed with something better or it was delayed. Now, it may have taken months, maybe some years, but it was always on time.

So what do we do when someone tells us "No" or when that company chooses another candidate over us? Do we sit there and pout hoping things will change or do we pick up our feelings and let God handle it while we do the work on our end?

We can spend hours and even days reflecting on that one opportunity or person who told us "no." How far will that get us though? Will the end results change any? What are we gaining for wasting time on something that wasn't ours to begin with?

Way too often, we get a "no" and think our whole world is upside down. We always think that there will never be another opportunity again. Mannn, don't let it be a relationship we really wanted but God was like "welp, he's in a relationship" or "nope not this one." Like do we really think God will give us something worse? Uh no! God is saying "not yet" because we're not ready to handle what he's really about to bless us with so he waits until we're ready.

In the midst of us waiting on our "yes", consider these things:

- God has something greater: When one says "no", God says "not yet." Trust God enough that no matter how delayed it is, when he blesses us, there's no man or woman who can take it from us. With that "no", God saved us from heartache, headache, hurt, and more.

- A delayed "yes" doesn't mean a permanent "no": We may have been getting "no" after "no" after "no" and are starting to get discouraged and wonder if we should keep trying. A "no" just simply means in due time we will reap the benefits and blessings God has for us.

- Our timing is not God's timing: This is something that was hard for me. However, the more I matured, the better I understood my life. If we do things in our timing, then things will never go as planned. If we submit to God's will and understand that his way is not our way, then our perspective will change. His timing is always perfect and on time.

- When we rush something we make things worse: Whenever we try to overstep God's boundaries we mess everything up. We thought we were doing God a favor or rushing him to give us the blessing we've been waiting for, but really we were prolonging the blessing. Aren't we tired of getting it wrong and being let down? Be patient and let God do his work behind the scene because the reward is so much greater.

I thank God everyday for shielding me from unknown and known things that tried to harm me and people who tried to harm me.

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