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Count Your Blessings

The year 2020 has thrown us so many curveballs - WHEW! Although it seems like a lot of bad happened, I must say more good came out of it. As we end the year 2020, I encourage us to count our blessings because life could have been worse.

Blessing 1: You could've been dead and gone - With this virus circling all over the world and even with senseless shootings, it could have easily been you laying in a body bag. Be thankful that God shielded you from things that were trying to harm you or take you out.

Blessing 2: You are still making ends meet - A lot of people lost their jobs or were cut hours making it a struggle to make ends meet. Be thankful that God saw it fit for you to keep your job. For those of you who did lose your job, God has made a way for you to make ends meet day after day whether it be by finding another job, getting government assistance, or getting help from loved ones.

Blessing 3: You had time to find YOU - With everyone being on mandatory lockdown, we were forced to spend lots of time with ourselves. Although a lot of us didn't like it, it taught us a lot about ourselves and allowed us to appreciate the simple things in life. Be thankful that you were able to love you in the midst of chaos.

Blessing 4: You learned a lot about mental health - I bet you weren't so in tuned with your mental health as you are now. So many people are transparent about it now and talk about it so openly. Be thankful that you learned a lot about the inner you for FREE.

Blessings 5: You saved a lot of money and miles on your vehicle - I don't know about you but I saved so much money in 2020 compared to other years since everything was shut down due to COVID. I also saved a lot of mileage on my truck. Be thankful that you were able to build your savings account to a level that you thought was unattainable.

Blessings 6: You found out who your real friends were - 2020 has taught us who are real friends are. With us having to be on lockdown, dealing with our own struggles, etc., the ones who were here for you through thick and thin are the real MVPs. Be thankful that God allowed the real colors of "friends" to show so you could do clean up on aisle 3 and remove those who weren't really in your corner.

Blessings 7: Your relationship either sustained itself, you gained a new lover, or gave yourself some room - Whew, having to be on locked down with a significant other really taught you a lot about yourself and them . If you started 2020 in a relationship and are still in one, you made it. If you started 2020 in a relationship and either are no longer in one or are in a different one, thank God anyhow. Be thankful that God had you the entire time.

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