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Get Into Mindfulness Meditation

If you've never heard of mindfulness meditation man are you missing out. Now, some of you may not believe in mindfulness meditation or meditation in general given religious beliefs and what not. However, there's so many benefits to mindfulness meditation that aligns with just being present and in the moment.

Honey! Mindfulness meditation gets you together-- allll the way together. With practice, you'll learn to appreciate where you are at that exact moment, what feelings you have at that exact moment, what thoughts are running through your mind at that exact moment, what sounds you hear at that exact moment. With us always running here and running there our minds are racing a mile a minute. Do you ever just stop and appreciate the things around you?

If you haven't tried mindfulness meditation, then you probably never stopped to appreciate the things around you. It's like a sense of peace and stillness that overcomes you when you practice it.

I was introduced to mindfulness meditation about two years ago and quite frankly I was not ready mentally. Looking back and now practicing it myself, I have a full appreciation for what it is and how it can benefit my life. When the new year started, I made it a goal to practice mindfulness mediation every day either in the morning or mid-day.

What has it done for me you ask? Well, let me give some insight:

  1. It taught me to be still

  2. It taught me to me to give my undivided attention to whatever I'm doing in that moment

  3. It taught me to appreciate time

  4. It taught me to be intentional

  5. It taught me to appreciate every moment because nothing will be the same as it was 5 min ago, 5 hours ago, 5 days ago, 5 months ago, 5 years ago, and so forth

  6. It taught me to listen to understand vs listen to respond

  7. It taught me to be slow to react but quick to observe

  8. It taught me that I can practice it wherever I go whenever I want

  9. It taught me to live in the moment

  10. It taught me to reset and recalibrate when needed

Regardless if you practice mindfulness meditation for 5 minutes or 15 minutes, I encourage you to embed it into your daily routine. If you feel you have a lot going on and don't think you can add something else to your plate, just couple it with something you're already doing whether it's practicing mindfulness meditation while you're brushing your teeth or while you're working out or walking the dog.

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