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Learn to Communicate With Yourself First

Do you ever have a hard time assessing your own feelings? Do you be feeling something or know you're "off" but you're not sure why? I've had way too many moments like these. I'll wake up feeling emotional but have no reason why. I can be doing something and out of the blue my mood changes. It's crazy but our bodies have a funny way of telling us when things are "off".

This is why it's important to learn to communicate with your self. Communication is a way to express yourself especially your inner thoughts and feelings.

So, what does that mean? This means being able to communicate to yourself your feelings, your emotions, your dislikes, your likes, your preferences, and more. It's important because you can't put expectations on someone else when you don't fully know your own self first. This is one of the reasons effective communication is a struggle for friendships, colleagues, relationships, marriages, etc.

The ability to effectively communicate with yourself requires time, isolation, discernment, and honesty.

TIME: Effective communication doesn't happen overnight. It takes practice over and over and over again. It's like introducing a new language to yourself-- you have to learn to understand your own lingo. Eventually, you'll get it.

ISOLATION: In order to be in tune with your inner self and be able to build up a level of understanding, you have to be in isolation with God and yourself. You need time to be away from distractions, influencers, and other things in order to hear yourself.

DISCERNMENT: Now, discernment is a skill you have to practice at and seek God about. When you gain a level of discernment, you learn to identify and understand your true feelings and communicate to yourself on how to handle them. You get in tune with your emotions, and are able to determine what things make you happy, sad, mad, miserable, etc.

HONESTY: Honesty can be so hard for people. You think being honest with someone else is hard...experience being honest with yourself 😬. You have to face your truths and be able to deal with them. Honesty is key to learning to be able to communicate with yourself when you're not okay, or when you're mad, or when you are feeling your best. This is the most important thing when learning to communicate with yourself.

If you don't know how to communicate with yourself, then how can you expect others to know how to effectively communicate with you?

As we approach the last month of 2020, challenge yourself to work on learning to communicate with yourself if you don't already know how.

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