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Never Let Someone Control Your Emotions

(clears throat) Ladies and Gentlemen, I can't say this enough...the person who angers you controls you. I know you all heard that before. Way too often, we allow people to get us upset, make us angry, turn us bitter, make us enraged, etc.. AHT AHT! We need to put a stop to it. Whew, but baby it's not easy. If you're like me, then you react to how people talk to you. God is still working on me.

Now that I am more intentional with controlling my emotions, I am now slow to get defensive. I use to be so defensive because I always thought I had to prove myself when someone tried to come for me. Babyyyy, I often told people "why are you coming for me when I didn't send for you." What I realized is I was spending way too much time exerting energy towards something or someone that shouldn't be the case.

People who can get you so worked up are laughing at you on inside. Sometimes, people feed on that weakness to penetrate your life in other areas. Be careful who you show your weak side too.

So, here's a few tips I use on a consistent basis when I feel like someone is trying to get me all worked up:

- I ask myself will this matter in the next 5 min, 5 hours, 5 days, 5 months, or 5 years: Honey, if it doesn't matter or make a life altering difference, then don't exert that energy.

- I assess the person's intentions: Some people be trying to be malicious on purpose while others are genuinely trying to understand me. The genuine ones don't intentionally try to get me worked up.

- I breathe before responding: Breathe and count to 10 before I respond helps me to defuse my emotions. You would be amazed at how big of a difference pausing before you respond can make.

- I just leave the conversation: The best I can do when someone is trying to disturb my energy and peace is walk away. Honey, I'm about to move on and the situation will fix itself somehow. I refuse to leave myself in a place that is evidently trying to break my energy.

- I just simply say "Okay": I am quick to give one word responses if I want to just end a conversation. My "okay" is really me not caring what you're saying.

At the end of the day, you have to protect your energy by all means! Don't sit there and allow someone to disturb your peace and get you out of character. Be intentional about controlling your emotions and not allowing people to get you worked up.

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