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Stay Mentally & Physically Safe During Election Results Time

By now, the entire world should have heard of the announcement of the new United States of America President - Joe Biden. You also have heard of the first person of color to hold the Vice President position - Kamala Harris. There's so many celebrations occurring throughout the U.S. but there's also people secretly plotting for revenge. It's very important to remain vigilant and mentally sane during these times as people come to grips with the results.

The election season will forever go down in history as so much as transpired from Joe receiving the most votes for any candidate to Trump making allegations of voter fraud to Kamala representing many black and brown people, such as myself, in a very high position in government. Here's some easy mental and physical tips you can adopt TODAY to help you as I know this can be a lot mentally and physically on all of us.

Mental Tips:

  1. Limit your social media connection: Social media is one of the biggest influences on anybody's daily life. It gives people the freedom to speak and post. Therefore, no telling what may come across your timeline. Limit your social media engagement to minimize the chances of negativity feeding into your spirit. Positivity is always a plus but there's a lot of people who don't agree with the election result and have personally filmed themselves admitting it.

  2. Celebrate: Whether you are for Joe or against him, a celebration is in order. You don't have to agree with the results but you can respect him as the President-elect. Besides, who doesn't like a reason to pour a glass of wine and celebrate. A celebration helps improve overall happiness and allows you to decompress.

  3. Take a Self-Care Mental Day: Self-care is important. In order for us to show up 100%, we have to give our body 100% of our attention sometimes. Whether you take a day off of work or you carve out time during the day, take a mental break. Don't feel ashamed either because the work, family, pets, etc will be there when you get back.

  4. Journal and Talk To Someone: If you ever feel anxious, depressed, scared, or other similar feelings, journal your feelings to get then out of your head and onto paper. This actually does help because it helps you not hold things in. If things get worse or doesn't seem to help, then reach out to someone you trust to talk through your feelings (even if that means your life coach or therapist).

Physical Tips:

  1. Exercise and Eat Healthy: Physical endurance is important during these unprecedented times. The reason is because if for any reason you have to run or physically defend yourself, then you want to be prepared. Eating a healthy meal also helps with your endurance and overall physical health.

  2. Practice Social Distancing: As much as we want to celebrate like we all know how, we must remember we are still in a pandemic and the virus is running rampant. Always remember to wear your mask, social distance, wash your hands, and if you have symptoms, go get tested. You can save a life by just doing these simple things.

  3. Share Your Location: If you are ever by yourself, then share your location with close family and friends. This will allow them to always know your location if for whatever reason you are in danger. It's also good to share your plans ahead of time like where you're going, with who, and at what time. This helps people stay alert while you're out and about.

  4. Stay Protected and Know Your Rights: Always make sure you are protected at all times. Whether you use a taser, pepper spray, or have a license to carry a firearm, always stay "strapped" because you never know what folks are liable to do these days-- 2020 has it share of surprises. Also, it's critical to know your rights now more than ever in the event you encounter a cop who wants to be "nasty" or someone (or group of people) who want revenge.

Everyone is entitled to feel the way they want to feel about the results but they don't have the right to take their feelings out on innocent people.

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