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Talking About Mental Health Is Sexy

Mental health has not always been a popular topic of discussion. Over the past year, mental health has become one of the leading topics to talk about amongst friends, family, and even colleagues. I am here to tell you, there's nothing more sexier than a person who can talk and work on their mental health.

Man oh man, I use to think really good smelling cologne was sexy on a man. I use to think a well-dressed man was sexy, or even a nice hair cut. Those things are still sexy on a man, but what I found to be true for me is this...THERE'S NOTHING MORE SEXY ON A MAN THAN A STABLE MIND.

Life has gotten the best of all of us and we should not be ashamed to be open about the impacts life has had on our minds. When we suppress those feelings and thoughts, all we are doing is making the matter worse than it already is. Just think about it, you're depressed about the situation, but imagine being depressed about not expressing the feelings towards the situation that made you depressed? WHEW! That's dark right?

More and more people everyday are speaking up about mental health. It brings me joy because when I was going through my mental health battles, it wasn't talked about or even welcomed in conversations. People use to think mental health was a disease or wasn't even important. I'm even really happy to see black men talk about mental health in their IG stories, Facebook posts, blogs, etc-- it's so SEXY!

To go even further, it's even more beautiful to see men actively working on their mental health whether it be admitting that they journal; that they enjoy expressing themselves; that they are seeing a counselor, therapist, or life coach; or even doing mediation like yoga.

In the life of COVID, I bet people now see the importance of protecting our mental health just as we do our physical health. Nobody wants to cry all day and not know where it stems from. Nobody wants to be sleep in their bed and not have energy to do anything and not attribute that to something. Nobody doesn't want to spazz out on someone for no reason and not understand why they have anger problems.

You men out there, trust me, you have no idea how attractive it is to a woman for you to be in tune with your mental health. We feel like if you don't love yourself enough to work on your mental health conditions you've been battling with for years, then you won't be able to fully love us. Now, you don't have to be at the point where you are mentally stable, but what I'm saying is you have to be at least working on it or maintaining a schedule.

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