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What 2020 Has Taught Me

The year 2020 has been a roller coaster for everyone - WHEW! I never imagined living life the way that I did but I did. Life throws so much at us but for some reason we always persevere. From the pandemic to the police shootings, I felt like I could not get a break. However, I did indeed take a break; one that was forced. I never realized how much I had going on until 2020 forced me to sit down and not do anything-- it was relief.

I'm sure 2020 has taught us all something about life and ourselves. I'll share what 2020 has taught me because it was a lot but I'll only hit on the important ones. 2020 taught me to 1) be present and still; 2) be intentional; and 3) cherish time. I've also learned a lot about myself such as 1) be in tune with my emotions; 2) do what makes me happy, and 3) appreciate myself more. Everything I learned gradually revealed themselves as time progressed but I'm glad I can walk into 2021 with a whole new perspective on life.

I've always been the person always on the go and doing something. During 2020, I learned to be present and be still in the moment. In the past, I would often be doing something but my mind would be running a mile a minute thinking of the next thing. I rarely lived in the moment and as a result, I have missed so many memories. Now, I live in the present and allow what I'm doing to get my full undivided attention.

Intentionality is one big thing I learned in 2020. What I mean by that is being intentional about everything I do from what relationships I establish, what friendships I foster, where and with who I spend my time, and more. I've been so use to just going with the flow of things in my life without really being intentional about what I was doing or what was happening around me.

Time is a valuable resource and it's something you can't get back. Once it's gone it's gone for forever. I've always taken advantage of using all the time I have in a day to be productive. However, what I missed was cherishing that time. Time is so short so I want to do a better job at cherishing my time. That goes hand in hand with being intentional about where I spend my time.

This year was a self-growth year for me personally. I learned to be in tuned with my emotions. If I'm feeling something I need to express it to whomever it's towards and not suppress it. I need to listen to my body and allow myself to feel every emotion. If something bothers me, I need to communicate it; if something brings me joy I need to explore it more; if something brings me anxiety I need to figure out why, etc.

In 2020, I've been doing what makes me happy and I freaking love it. I did it in the past but this year, it's on a whole new level and has more meaning. I don't worry about what other people are going to say about what I'm doing or not doing...if it brings me happiness, I'm doing it PERIOD POO!

I've always struggled at appreciating myself. Quite honestly, I never really did it or been intentional about it. I've learned to praise myself when I've done something great, treat myself to a nice gift when I've worked hard for it, compliment myself when I look 🔥🔥, or just recite an affirmation to make me feel good. These things have done wonders in my life I tell ya.

I find myself loving me more and more each and every day.

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