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What does it look like for a person to have a mental breakdown?

You ever been out and about, minding your own business, and you randomly come across someone who is just not having a good day? They are emotional, all over the place, stand offish, or even belligerent. When a person is having a mental breakdown, there's a lot happening all at one time. People spectating really don't know what's going on so all they do is look.

As someone who has been both a spectator and someone who experienced a mental breakdown in public, it's not a good feeling. As a spectator, it's not a good feeling to just sit there and not help because you don't know what to do or you don't want to make things worse. As someone who had a mental breakdown, it's not a good feeling because you're embarrassed.

So what's really going on when someone is experiencing a mental breakdown? It all depends on the severity of the issue. From my experience as a person who has had countless mental breakdowns, it's scary. When a mental breakdown occurs, we are feeling helpless and in despair. There's so much going on in our minds from how do I put an end to this to what are people saying about me, are they recording me? We have to battle with our inner thoughts trying to convince us to do harm and the outer thoughts of people watching.

Quite honestly, we just want to be left alone. There's nothing that you or anybody can say or do in the midst of us having a mental breakdown-- just let it take its course (as long as we aren't doing any harm to ourselves or others around us). Being left alone allows us to experience every emotion we are currently feeling in that moment. I must say, most people like being left alone because that's when they feel the safest.

You ever see someone become emotional out of the blue? That's a mental breakdown. As we go about their everyday lives, sometimes, reality sets in with the fact that we aren't okay and that we are in fact dealing with some mental issues. Those thoughts resurface and causes us to be emotional. It's because we know deep down inside, our life is a mess and we desire more but we don't know how to go about it. These things can happen at random times and has no preference on location.

Ultimately, we are very emotional when we have a mental breakdown because it's like everyone else around is happy and living their best lives, while we are just sinking deep in our sorrows and nobody really knows the truth behind it. Trust me, most of us want to share our truth soooo bad, but at the same time, we are afraid people won't be able to accept our truth. We are afraid they will feel sorry for us, show pity, judge us, or even treat us differently.

For every tear we cry, for every suicidal thought that races through our mind, for every angry moment we face, for every anxiety moment we are scared of, for every depressed mood, for every time we wanted to be left alone, for every time we wanted to take our life...puts us one step closer to wanting to share our truth so we aren't in it alone.

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Watch this enlightening video of surviving a nervous breakdown.

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