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Marion Boyd, MBA, CPLC

Grief is never easy.  Sometimes, you can feel like you're all alone and that nobody can ever eliminate the hurt or fill the hole in your heart.  People think grief only applies to the death of a loved one; however, grief can be any traumatic experience that alters your way of living.  It can range from the loss of a loved one to the loss of a memory, an experience, or even a relationship.  

With me as your transformation coach, 

  • You will create healthy healing habits to help you navigate through your grieving process.  The healing process is a consistent process so learning to heal properly is important.  

  • You will learn how to transform your pain into purpose so that you can live again.  People live their best lives by learning how to be motivated despite what life throws at them.

  • You will be emotionally free, mentally healthy, and strong enough to share your story.  Will you have moments of vulnerability? YES; however, learning to redirect your emotions in a healthy way is key.  You will learn how to redirect your emotions into things that bring you joy.  You will learn coping mechanisms that drive you to be mentally healthy.  You will be so inspired by a community of people who have dealt with grief so that you gain strength to share your story with others. 

Grief will never go away but learning to live through it and thrive in the midst of it will drive you to your purpose. 

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"It's an Investment; not a luxury

expense! Our minds matter!"

Marion Boyd, MBA, CPLC


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