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10 Ways You Can Encourage Your Friend, Lover, or Relative To Practice Self-Care

Do you have that friend, bae, wife, husband, or family member who struggles at exercising self-care for themselves? I'm sure we all know a person or two. Well, I am here to help you help them. Here's 10 ways you can encourage them to do self-care on a regular. I would even challenge you to do all 10 for various people...ARE YOU UP FOR THE CHALLENGE?

Send them text reminders to take 15 minutes to have to themselves - This is critical for someone who is always busy and never has down-time. Their down-time is them sitting on the couch and checking emails on their phone. Encourage them to disconnect from technology, the world, and their busy life even if it's just 15 minutes a day-- those 15 minutes go a long way.

Propose a book to read together and have weekly book club meetings - Encouraging them to spend time reading a book allows them to stimulate their minds intellectually. Sometimes reading a book with someone else adds accountability and makes them commit to disconnecting from their busy schedules.

Invite them to workout and exercise with you or at least encourage them to workout by themselves - People can be so consumed with running around and caring for other people that they neglect themselves. It's important to do some form of exercise on a regular basis from a health perspective and from a therapeutic perspective.

Offer to watch the kids for them for a few hours while they go out and ran errands, have alone time, or just sit in their room alone - Now, this is for the mommies and daddies out there. They would be sooo appreciative if you gave them some time away from the kids. They love the kids, but it's important that they take a break and recharge.

Surprise them with a quick getaway trip - Who doesn't like a surprise? A quick getaway is perfect whether they go with someone or go long as they are allowed to just relax, and enjoy the trip that's all that matters. No work or worries about other people.

Surprise them with a hot bubble bath, candles, and their favorite wine - If you really want to make them smile, have a hot bubble bath ran with a candle lit and some wine...for you lovers, you are guaranteed to get some that night 😉...this is so relaxing and allows them to relax, reflect, and decompress.

Offer a pamper / grooming date - One of the best ways to give someone self-care is to allow them to care for their physical needs and a nice pamper or grooming date is perfect. Give them some time to allow them to freshen up their looks and feel new again.

Order an in-home masseuse or masseur - When someone is running and running so much, their body can be tense at times. Treat them to a massage with some essential oils, mimosas, and some calm mediation music.

Give money to go shopping - Free money!!! Shopping is so therapeutic and is a really good self-care thing to do. Surprise them with a couple of $100s and allow them to just knock the mall doors down.

Send them flowers and ask that they spend time alone reflecting on their personal growth over the last year - Owww this is a good one. People who have poor self-care regimens have a hard time sitting still and just reflecting. A flower represents growth and beauty of life. Allow them to reflect on the year they had, the year ahead, and everything in between.

You can't be 100% all the time. How can you give your full self to other people/things, when you haven't allowed yourself to recharge?

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