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Do What You Want...Period

Life is so short people! We can't keep wasting our time and energy on people and things if we don't want to. It has been proven by COVID that life can be taken away from us in a matter of seconds. It's scary right? So why not do what you want to do?

At the end of the day, time is a valuable resource and you should be doing what you want to do every single day #PERIOD! If you're out here living life on someone else's terms, babyyyy why are you living? Life is all about discovering yourself and living it to the fullest. What may be of significance to you may not mean anything to the next person. Soooo...why would you put yourself through discomfort just to please the next person?

Honey, if you want to have a couple glasses of wine, GET IT! If you want to eat that donut, EAT IT! If you want to date that guy that everyone is saying not to, DO IT! If you think you should let someone go, LET THEM GO! If you don't want to exercise, DON'T! If you want to start that business, START IT! If you want to travel somewhere, GO! If you don't like someone, REMOVE THEM! If you prefer to move to another city, MOVE! If you like doing something that most people would judge you for, DO IT! If you need to go back to school, ENROLL!

Life is endless and we shouldn't be living in discomfort. Take ownership of your life and do what you want and I mean do it to the fullest.

1. Life is all about discovering yourself

2. Never live with regrets

3. Eliminate "what if" moments

4. People will always have something to say

5. You can never fully please everyone

6. You deserve happiness

7. Don't deny yourself of things, people, and places

8. It's your life

9. It's your business what you do with your life

10. Some people are just jealous of the freedom you have versus them

11. If you live by other people's terms, then you'll always be dissatisfied

12. You'll attract more positive energy

13. Your life will be fulfilled

14. You will live accordingly to your terms

The reasons are endless. At the end of the day, do what you want to do and do it on your terms! Don't let people spill their concerns and apprehensions onto you and your life. Misery loves company! Take risks and live in the moment.

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Watch this inspirational video about doing what makes you happy!

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