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I Used The Holiday Weekend To Decompress

Happy Labor Day to you and your family! I pray that you are enjoying your holiday weekend with family and friends...but in a safe social distanced way. For me, I thoroughly enjoyed my holiday weekend with close family and friends. My Mom, Stepdad, two Sisters, and Brother-in-law drove up to spend the holiday weekend with me. Since quarantine, I haven't really seen much family so it was a breath of fresh air to see some familiar faces.

From the time my family arrived at my house on Friday evening around 9PM to the time they packed up to go on Monday morning at 8:30AM, I had been running so much. The weekend was so eventful-- it was the weekend I needed to just breathe, decompress, and enjoy time with family/friends. On Friday, it started out with us having a game night with my sister, brother-in-law, and two cousins. We played the classic card games Tunk and Uno, with a drinking spin to it. 😉 Let's just say the night ended up with a few people real relaxed while others a little sick 🤮. Saturday we celebrated my little niece's 5th birthday with a swimming pool for the little ones, and some grilled hot dogs. Family and Friends came over to enjoy the occasion and just hang out while social distancing. That evening, my family wanted to see the city a little so guess where we went-- The Juicy Crab. They were thoroughly impressed with how juicy and delicious the snow crabs legs were that they said they wanted to go back.

Sunday...Oh Sunday! After attending Sunday school, my family and I went to TFTI Museum. I saw an advertisement on Instagram of a 3D Interactive museum that I've been always wanting to go to. We hit the museum and shared a few laughs that was much needed for me. After the museum we came back home and ya girl got on the grill. Yep, that's right, I grilled some BBQ chicken. I invited my close friends over to hangout and we had a game night Part 2 👀.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed my Labor Day weekend to the fullest. We social distanced, kept our gatherings small, and enjoyed ourselves in the comfort of my own home. This was a great way to let my hair down and just live in the moment. As I'm writing this blog, I am sitting here already missing my family. Moments like this, I wish I was back in Florida.

How did you enjoy your Labor Day Weekend? I would love hear all about it. In the interim, check out some of the photos from my weekend.

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