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Invest in your "Happy"

How many of us wake up and feel like crawling back in bed? You know, those mornings when you are just not yourself and you aren't sure why. I've had those feelings before for sure. I never knew what caused the feelings, but I certainly figured out how to manage them.

Have you ever thought to invest in your "happy"? Yes, I said invest as in make a conscious decision to commit to something with the expectation that some sort of benefit will be rendered. Often times, we hear people say they are investing in the stock market, or real estate, etc. When they say this, they are meaning, they are willing to invest money into the stock market or real estate market hoping to make a profit. It's rare that we hear people say they are investing in their "happy". So what does this actually mean?

Your "happy" can only be defined and created by you and looks different for everyone. Some people like to associate their happy to things that create happiness. Other people like to associate their happy to people that create happiness. Whatever your "happy" is, identify it, create it, and constantly invest in it. Nobody can make you happy until you are able to be happy with yourself. Does it take work? Of course, because it's requires intentionality, commitment, and selfishness.

INTENTIONALITY: When you are serious about investing in your "happy", you have to be intentional about it. You have to be willing to do some soul searching to discover what truly makes you happy. I'm not talking about temporary happiness either, but that long lasting happiness-- that happiness that only you can create. When you are intentional about investing in your "happy", sometimes it requires you get out of your comfort zone. You never know what new found "happy" you discover when you do things out of the norm.

COMMITMENT: People say when you are committed to something, you appreciate it more because you give it your all. Be so committed to your "happy" that you create boundaries to protect it. Why? Because you, your mind, and your sanity matter. Now, I will say commitment can be hard if you aren't serious about what you are committing to. Think about all of the benefits you can reap when you invest in your "happy"-- it's mind blowing.

SELFISHNESS: The perfect reason to be selfish is when you are seeking to be mentally balanced and satisfied. You will be challenged to end some friendships, relationships, situationships, entanglements, or whatever else you call it, so that you can remove distractions that hinder you from finding your "happy". You need to be selfish with your time. Everyone shouldn't get your time because it only takes away from time with yourself. Be selfish and be unapologetic about it.

When you invest in your "happy" and are consistent with it, there's nothing that can disturb your peace. Depression, anxiety, doubt, sadness, loneliness, isolation, and other related feelings go away when you can replace those feelings with your "happy." Explore hobbies, discover things that motivate/inspire you, gather around people that bring you the most joy, travel the world, find your mental happy place...whatever it is, do it.

Create your "happy" in a fantasy world that only you know about. You don't need negative Nancy's trying to downplay it.

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Watch this inspiring video on finding happiness in life!

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