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It's A New Year But Does It Mean New You?

It's the top of 2021 and you know how we all are -- we make new year resolutions, cook our black-eyed peas and collard greens, we buy something new to bring into the new year, and whatever other traditions you are accustomed to. People be looking forward to the new year because they think they are walking into a person. I pose the question - are you really a new you though? 🤔🤔🤔 We think just because we do new year resolutions, manifestations, goals setting, vision boards, etc., that we will get what we desire. We very well can get these things but we don't if we keep the same attitude and mindset that we had in the previous year.

So what can you do to really be a New You in the new year?

  1. Change your way of thinking: You can't think the same way and expect the same results. That's like putting on a tire blind both times hoping to get a different result. Set yourself up for success by assessing what areas you can do better in and then working to change the approach.

  2. Change you attitude: In order to receive the blessings that God has for you in the new year, you have to change your attitude. You can't have that weak spirit and little faith and expect to receive all your heart desires. It just doesn't work like that hun.

  3. Change your circle: If you're the smartest person in the circle and aren't growing, then you may need to assess your circle of friends, business partners, etc.. You can't access the next level with the same people talking in your ear that aren't contributing to your growth. It's going to hurt some feelings; however, everyone can't go to the next level God has for your life.

  4. Change your environment: Often times, people say their environment aided in their success or failure. If you change up your environment every now and then, it motivates you, allows you to see things in a different perspective, and introduces you to new people. Try switching up your coffee shops, parks, libraries, and gyms. You'd be surprised at what you discover in new places.

  5. Change your start line: Just because it's a new year per the calendar doesn't mean it's a new you. People wait until the new year to make changes and evolve. Why wait when the clock strikes 12:01am and the date changes to January 1? Why not change your start line NOW, basically at any given point in your life? Don't waste time waiting until January 1 to make changes.

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