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Speak Out About Mental Health

Don't you wish you could save every life that has been impacted by a mental health condition whether it's suicide, depression, or any other type of condition? I know I do. I wasn't always transparent about my mental health journey and wish I was. I wish I sought out help years ago as it would have positively impacted my adult life.

One of my life goals now is to speak boldly about mental health and share my story in hopes of it saving lives, motivating people to seek help, and encourage others to share. Everyone has a unique story and it's worth being told because we are all one mental breakdown away from throwing in the towel.

So, what do I want you to know about creating an environment where you can be bold about your mental health?

I want you to know that you and your feelings are valid no matter the circumstance. One of the greatest things we have in the world is freedom to feel and express our feelings. Nobody has to validate your feelings but they do have to respect them. CHALLENGE: For validation, recite an affirmation every time you feel emotional or desire to express your feelings. For example, "I feel this way because of a reason. Nobody has to understand it but I must express it for my own good."

Know the signs of when you or someone you know is struggling with a mental health condition. It's important to educate yourself on what mental health is, the different conditions, and the signs of when you or someone is heading down the deep end. CHALLENGE: I encourage you to spend 30 min everyday for a week researching and reading up on mental health and then sharing the information with someone else. For example, you can share a fact or "did you know" post on your social media platforms.

Build up confidence to share your story or encourage a friend to share their story. Everyone has something to say and no matter how small your story may seem to you, it's a big deal to someone else. CHALLENGE: I encourage you to give your testimony on how God has brought you through your "valley." Valley meaning your toughest moments in your life. For example, share your story with a friend or relative, or even make a video and share with your network or friend circle.

Join a support group that will help you stay accountable and be that safety net for when you are too weak to pull yourself up. We always need a strong support system to help us during our toughest moments. Even when we've gotten to a level of acceptance, we still have to work at maintaining a good mental health mindset so we don't revert back to the past. CHALLENGE: I encourage you to create a support group or join one so that you can network and hear testimonies. For example, join or create a group with individuals who have experienced similar mental health conditions as you.

Express yourself even when you're in uncomfortable situations. Uncomfortable situations are never easy for anyone and having to express yourself in those moments is even harder. However, what's even harder than that is holding in your emotions and feelings all because you don't want to be uncomfortable or make the other person uncomfortable. CHALLENGE: If you encounter a situation this week where you need to express yourself, then I encourage you to speak up. For example, politely pull someone to the side and in a polite and respectful manner, share your feelings about whatever it is.

We are all one mental breakdown away from throwing in the towel.

Always seek professional health when you or someone you know is struggling with mental health.

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